Uncanny Avengers #8AU

by Tori B. on May 22, 2013

An Age of Ultron tie in for the Uncanny Avengers—and instead of feeling like just an extension of AoU, it falls into place well within the lines of Uncanny Avengers as a series and takes Uncanny Avengers to a really compelling place.
Writer: Rick Remender & Gerry Duggan | Artists: Adam Kubert & Frank Martin
Cover: Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, & Justin Ponsor| Publisher: Marvel
Uncanny Avengers #8 Age of Ultron Tie-in was surprisingly extremely engrossing and given the AoU premise, it could have turned into this mess but both Remender and Duggan have done a brilliant job in tying it so perfectly into what’s been happening to Uncanny Avengers and the current arc has certainly led itself up to this issue. It was honestly a perfect build up now that we’ve reached this issue. With Kang and the Apocalypse twins, and the time travelling, it makes sense that they’ve entered this new future that we’re seeing in Age of Ultron, but it’s not confusing and doesn’t feel trite—of course with Kang at the helm, the time travelling feels natural. Of course it helps knowing what we know from previous AoU issues but Kang also describes the events that have happened which allow for any reader to acquaint themselves with the current world they see. Kang’s dialogue is also in top form and an oddly stimulating read. Not to mention the fact that Kang himself is a scary being and there’s a page that leaves me terrified and reminded of his capabilities and I’m oddly nervous to have him currently running amok the AoU universe, because Ultron was bad enough as is.
In fact, all the characters are in their top form and it was brilliant to see the incorporation of getting the characters together for an issue while in this universe preset by AoU. Honestly, this has made the most sense of character interaction for the series in a while, instead of petty and constant arguing, they both accept their differences and while they differ and disagree, both have been harried enough that when facing a threat, they unreservedly defend one another. (If certain actions had turned out for the better who’s to say they wouldn’t have teamed up).
Kubert’s art with Martin’s colouring is a force to be reckoned with. Every page has something stunning to look at and everyone looks amazing. The artistic stylings reflect both the tone of Age of Ultron and Uncanny Avengers.
Everything about this issue seemed to be a perfect fit and so complementary to one another, I honestly wouldn’t mind have an entire series of this—perhaps starting a little prior to this issue’s scenario (I’m intrigued by everyone’s backstory—more so than usual coming from AoU), but it’s definitely something I would have read more of if given to me.

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