Wonder Woman #20

by Tori B. on May 16, 2013

Moon clearly has some personal vendettas she wants to sort out with Wonder Woman in a battle of strength and power, while the rest of the family are on the run with a baby in tow.
Writer: Brian Azzarello | Artists: Goran Sudzuka, Cliff Chiang, & Matthew Wilson
Cover: Cliff Chiang | Publisher: DC
 It’s taken a small while to get there, but it seems like more of the pieces are falling together. For much of the run, it’s almost like there a few stories being told in each issue and while it’s clear that they’re connected, that connect wasn’t fully made. Until now. Everyone’s own personal quest, while certainly related around the same matter, finally make that interconnect with one another, and the story has finally made it’s slow progression into something solid. Also noted by the number of artists as well. Previous issues had sections broken up to different artists, and sometimes the change of style was jarring, taking the reader out, but simplification down to two artists and a consistent colorist helps keep the flow of the story.
The story itself was certainly interesting enough. There was great Amazonian action from Diana herself as she fought against Moon, all the while some great philosophical inquiries were posited. (That kind of stuff is always welcome in my superhero books). The question of power, and how much power is acceptable to be using and whether gods should be dampening their powers at all—of course Wonder Woman sets everyone straight on the matter with some pretty hard butt kicking. It was also really lovely to see Lennox get some more glory time. He was close to leaving the band (so to speak) and he hasn’t left yet, in fact he’s getting some attention and perhaps the action he’s been looking for.
The characters have been good and interesting—War is still this mysterious old man and Poseidon gives me the creeps and Hera is as fabulous as can be (considering that she’s mortal now), so it’s certainly one to keep a reader entertained, but this issue has certainly picked up from the last couple of issues. There’s good action and mystery and the pacing feels less choppy and more solidified. Certainly a great comeback issue for anyone who’s been in and out of Wonder Woman—it has enough pick me up action to feel justified in getting the issue. Not a dull moment this time.

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