Uncanny X-Men #3

by Tori B. on March 14, 2013

The intensity levels are really high right now. Like you could cut it with a steak knife, tense. It’s a faceoff between the Avengers and the Uncanny X-Men as they verbally battle to put the blame on each other for everything that’s happened (over the summer).
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artists: Chris Bachalo
Cover: Bachalo & Tim Townsend | Publisher: Marvel
Bendis is currently on one of his better streaks so far, it’s three issues in and it’s not a filler issue with a lot of dialogue that doesn’t mean much to a reader. Instead we open with an incredibly endearing flashback to a young Eva Bell as she discusses why she loves Captain America so much. Bendis can create some really great characters, and I definitely think Eva is going to be one of them. She’s already quickly escalating into my favourites and she’s still very new to the scene. (I think what makes me love her is that despite her adoration for Captain America, she stands up for Scott in the end, defending him, which isn’t easy, going against your childhood idol like that—but I digress). So we see more of who Eva is, it should be interesting to see what the other new mutants are like. Too bad one of them can only talk about corndogs on a stick.
But the showdown between both the Avengers and X-Men is very fervent. Blame gets tossed around but it makes you put things into perspective. (I’m not taking anyone’s sides and I’m not getting into the ethics of each team but what makes this issue kind of interesting is just how different each side views what happened with the whole Phoenix debacle—certain characters accept what they’ve done, others make excuses, it’s all very interesting, is what I’m saying). It seems as though Bendis is improving a lot with giving his characters an individual voice as well, this time around, most of the dialogue was distinct and seemed true(enough) and sometimes it verges on cheesy, basically when Cyclops starts monologuing and then finishes with his forearms crossed in an ‘X’. I know he’s making a statement, but he seems like such a drama queen in those moments. But it’s okay, moments like that I just sit back and stare in awe at Bachalo’s renderings. The best panel is when Eva freezes the Avengers, what a fantastic spread!
These are good characters that are going through a lot right now, and I think that’s what’s making Uncanny X-Men a successful run for me. They have to go through a lot of character development while still remaining true to themselves, but the challenges they face aren’t going to be easy.
Magik reminds everyone just how scary of a woman she is (honestly, I’m frightened by most things she says), Magneto reveals his true intentions (if you wholly trust him that is) and Emma takes his side (okay this isn’t the most revolutionary thing to come out of an X-Men comic, Magneto is untrustworthy and Emma is probably a little bit too, shocker!) and they struggle with their team dynamics, what quantifies a leader, how much betrayal is acceptable, all while facing personal struggles with broken powers to boot. It’s not easy for the Uncanny X-Men right now, and that’s what’s keeping the line tight.
The pacing of the plot is certainly helping as well. Something big has happened in practically each issue so far (it dipped a little in the second but not so much) and we already have the next issue set up for another show down.
This is hopefully going to be a series that will continuously keep us on our feet. Uncanny after all is a flagship title, and we will expect nothing but the best.

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