Uncanny X-Men #2

by Tori B. on February 27, 2013

An Emma Frost focused issue? 10/10 my work here is done. (Okay not actually, there is actually some substance to this issue, I promise).
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artists: Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend
Cover: Bachalo & Townsend | Publisher: Marvel
For those who still continue to read my ramblings about the X-Men you may have cottoned on that I will pretty much like anything that Emma Frost is involved in, this is my one bias that may hinder me as a reviewer. Naturally seeing Emma on the cover, I was already enamored by the issue, especially when wonderfully penciled by Bachalo (whom I also admire).  Yes the first few pages focus on Emma, but in all honesty the third page is so wonderfully put together, even if you hated Emma, you can at least appreciate the page and it’s design. It’s also what Bendis does best. He loves character exploration so having internal monologue-ing and great amounts of dialogue-ing is where he thrives.
Actually the entire issue is just that really, monologues and dialogues. I like Emma and Scott and the new mutants, so this was okay, but definitely not for everyone. This second issue of Uncanny X-Men isn’t held to the same caliber as the first issue and in fact seems incredibly tame after.
For one who’s genuinely invested into the relationship between Scott and Emma, this is a pivotal issue. If not, you could probably get away with skipping right to the meeting in the new Xavier school for mutants, which is actually quite cool, and probably worth the pick up alone if not for anything else. Plus, the new mutants are definitely charming in their own ways, for which I also give credit to Bendis for, he may not have total grasp of certain other characters, but those that he introduces himself, are incredibly charming and it’s likely you’ll like at least some of them. I personally hope that Fabio sticks around and adopts the codename Goldball, truly.
I’d also like to credit Bachalo for his handling of two page spreads. They’re easy to identify and showcase his talents incredibly well, his composition always being a work of greatness.  
For a slower issue, here’s hoping it picks up a little more next issue. After all infiltrator Magneto (who’s sporting a new look in reverence for his only friend and is almost impossible not to comment on) has been busy. Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into another Avengers vs. X-Men debacle, which admittedly was a disaster and we’re clearly still trying to recover from it.
My rating is on an incredibly personal note because I have invested a lot of time and fangirling into Emma and her relationship with Scott and concede that were this issue involving other characters, the rating would be significantly lower, mostly due to a somewhat glacial plot (which is sort of necessary to introduce us into the idea of the new mutants as well as the new school), the only action-y scene is a rehash of the first issue’s fight against the sentinels, and then a cliffhanger with hopes of something of a little more substance happening in the next issue.

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