Uncanny X-Men #1

by Tori B. on February 13, 2013

Things that make a good X-book: Cyclops (check), Emma Frost (check), Magneto (check), Chris Bachalo as the artist (check), and epic battle scenes against Sentinels (check). So far, Uncanny X-Men is chalking up to its reputation as a solid X-Men book.
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artists: Chris Bachalo
Cover: Chris Bachalo | Publisher: Marvel
 While it’s true that Bendis isn’t always my favourite writer, I can’t deny either that he’s also authored some of my favourite, more emotionally wrenching, works. Uncanny X-Men may just be one of those titles. While listening to Bendis speak during the “AR Ambush” on the fourth page of this issue that comes on the AR app, it’s clear that he seems humbled by writing this title and genuinely very excited to be putting some of the most beloved mutants through the ringer as we move on to a new X-Men chapter for Marvel in general. His excitement definitely shows through in the writing for this first issue—an action packed debut for readers to see precisely where Scott, Emma, Illyana, and Erik are at post the entire phoenix-force AVX debacle. 
If the writing doesn’t sway you, the art definitely will. Bachalo is a personal favourite, and to have him back on an X-Men title makes me so ridiculously happy that it’s true that even if the story sucked, I’d still rave on about it. Though I’ve yet to warm up entirely to the new costume designs, everything else Bachalo has hashed out is superior work. If you have to be convinced, just flip to the middle of the issue and take a look at the amazing two-page spread of the new Sentinels attacking on the X-Men. Bachalo’s art is absolutely amazing and there are several stunning pages within just this one issue.
What you don’t want to do is flip to last page right away. Bendis has left a small surprise for readers, as Marvel and Bendis have mentioned for the past few weeks, a traitor against Scott is revealed. Although his or her intentions aren’t necessarily what you may think.
Of course with any new launch there are new characters that need to be introduced.  We did catch glimpses of them in All New but to see them in action with the rest of the X-Men let them prove that they’re going to be good additions overall. It’s also a small glimpse into what Cyclops’ new school is like, he’s obviously been training them (a small fangirl moment for me as well when Emma’s inner teacher comes out on the field as she encourages Tempus with her powers), and the new mutants seem to speak highly of the institution. It’s going to be exciting when we finally see the new school.
It’s a ridiculously strong start for Uncanny X-Men, not at all slow moving, or an easy start. It’s the flagship title for what’s going to happen with the X-Men, and best to keep up because Bendis definitely isn’t going to make it easy for anyone.
[Basically I just want to slobber all over this issue for putting almost everything that I love about the X-Men—what made me as big of an X-Men fan as I am today, and stuffed it into one issue with promise that the rest of this run is going to follow suit.]

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