Activity #11

by Tori B. on January 30, 2013

This isn’t New York! It’s actually just Minneapolis, but there’s a bomb threat that Team Omaha are determined to find before it sets off. With all this action, you’d think this would be New York stuff.


Writer: Nathan Edmondson | Artist: Mitch Gerads
Cover: Mitch Gerads | Publisher: Image

Superheroes always make for good reading, and who’s to say Activity isn’t about superheroes. Just heroes of a different kind. They can do some pretty spectacular things as well; after all why would the US use such a highly specialized ops team if they’re weren’t well above average at that.
For all the high tech gadgetry that they deal with, it all still feels remarkably real-- which is what makes Activity so interesting to read. Naturally when dealing with (millitary) FBI agents there's a total element of realness to it. The FBI actually exists to us and it's not something we have to work at comprehending. It's real. There’s nothing to say that everything that Team Omaha has done in this issue, is something that wouldn’t be done today. Of course, some actions that are taken may seem a little extreme but they are living in a more highly advanced warfare society (which is remarkably likely to be our own future). Of course it is a comic so there will always be moments of disbelief (in this issue it's super cool okay, just go with it). As far as we know, Special Operation groups could be doing anything right now and we’d have no idea.
Here is a team of specially trained individuals, even though they’re a covert ops team, they could do whatever they wanted, they’re under the radar, yet they’re all there to help people. They’re trying to keep the world as well as they can.
It’s kind of heart warming to read, especially this issue. The way they actually end up solving their problem of removing a bomb from a populated area, starts out a little silly, but it’s cute. The gorgeous artwork of Gerads and Frazzetta make the whole sequence of it so stunningly beautiful. Alone, it is a great piece of art in itself. There is naturally some dialogue for these particular panels, but it’s kept simple and doesn’t detract from the art at all. In fact they sort of complement each other. Simple gorgeous art that almost makes you feel warm, juxtaposed with specialized field agents as they communicate and execute their plan.
In the end it’s all to ensure the peoples of Minneapolis’ safety. Of course it's all not butterflies and warm feelings. It's a secret organization, there's bound to be dark secrets and drama within. And that's a mystery that's just beginning to unfold.
Maybe it’s this issue in particular due to their methods of problem solving, but that mix of unorthodox in an otherwise realistic and likely setting, creates an enticing atmosphere where the reader can’t help but keep turning the page.

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