Comeback #3

by Tori B. on January 16, 2013

It’s just one problem after another for Seth and Mark but that’s not unexpected when you work for a business that relies solely on time travel. Now that Seth has uncovered some information he probably never wanted to know to begin with, they’re in for an interesting twist of their lives.



Writer: Ed Brisson | Artist: Michael Walsh

Cover: Michael Walsh| Publisher: Image




Reading Comeback is like watching Looper, only better. (Okay, I hated the movie Looper, so it’s not hard to be better than that, but Comeback is actually good so this was a silly comparison to begin with). What it does have in similar to Looper though is this whole time traveling thing that’s illegal but a company makes ridiculously good money off of it so they do it anyways. And then it turns out the company is up to some dark shenanigans that its employees are unaware of until a future employee goes rogue. It kind of sounds like your typical time travel story to be honest.


Often times, or at least nowadays, time traveling is overdone, cliché, or what have you. (I predicted the entire plot of Looper within the first seven minutes of watching it. Yes I’m going to keep talking about Looper because I’m still disappointed in it, even if I did watch it three months ago.) As tiring as time traveling can be, it still intrigues us, that’s why we can’t stop reading stories with it, and writers still continue to use it in their stories. But here’s where Comeback is better. It’s not totally predictable. Yes the basis of it sounds like something we’ve all seen before and yet in each issue there’s something that happens that’s surprising. They’ve got so much to work with, and it’s apparent that they’re not afraid to. Everything’s just so specific that it makes you wonder what they’re all up to.


The best part of this issue is having Kelly, a client of theirs, or really, the wife of a client that they just saved, is putting her foot down. She’s had it kind of rough for the first two issues but now, she gaining her ground, and it’d be nice to see her around some more.


Brisson does a great job with the story. Sure it’s time traveling, but never once is it confusing as to what’s going on or where on a timeline they are. It’s the simplicity of their time traveling that must make it more appealing. Instead of trying to over complicate the time aspects of it, there’s a better focus on the characters, and once you understand the characters, you get a better grasp as what’s going on. The art, much like the writing has a sense of simplicity to it. The best part of it though, is the colouring. There are pages that are much brighter than others, which clearly defines who out heroes are going to be, and the darker parts can be, well, quite dark.


Seth may think he has control of the situation, but judging by the last page, that may not be the case which is just enough of a cliffhanger to want to see what’s going to happen next. Judging by the last panel, the next issue is going to start off with possibly a big event going down.


Overall, Comeback is a great take on a time travelling plot that’s still able to lend surprises and there’s mild action so far to still entertain. There’s simplicity woven into both the art and the script that makes it easy to follow but not so much so that it’s boring. Definitely not boring.


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