Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

by Tori B. on June 08, 2016

Continuing on the hype of DC’s Rebirth, this week is the start of Wonder Woman Rebirth. When an Amazonian warrior’s powers that tie her so immensely to truth and justice, a change in truths and history is going to take a toll, demi-goddess or not. 


Publiser: DC

Writer: Greg Rucka

Pencils: Matthew Clark (p. 1-14)

Inks: Sean Parsons (p. 1-14)

Artist: Liam Sharp (p. 15-20)

Colours: Jeremy Colwell (p. 1-14) & Laura Martin (p. 15-20)

Letters: Jodi Wynne


Wonder Woman Rebirth sees the return of Greg Rucka to writing Princess Diana of Themyscira’s story and he along with the rest of the creative team are bringing a new dialogue into how Rebirth is going to affect Wonder Woman. 


It’s a fascinating take into Rebirth. Wonder Woman as we know her has always fought for justice and truth. Her main weapon is charged to make those affected by it compelled to be wholly truthful. So Rucka brings in the question of how shifts within time and reality altering moments affect truth. What is the true history of Wonder Woman, what is her true story? Can truth even be achieved? It’s these thoughts that plague Diana as she searches for some semblance of an answer. 


Rucka plans to tell two stories about the Amazonian princess and Rebirth is the introduction to both. The first half of the story glosses over Diana’s ‘history’ much of what we’ve seen from previous runs as she struggles with discovering truth, while the second half looks at what actions Diana plans on taking to regain her ‘truths’. This second half by Rucka and Sharp is a preview of what can be expected on odd numbered issues while we see a current Wonder Woman handle herself in the current world in keeping her more modern, and even issues will take a look at her origin story. 


It seems Rucka’s playing it smart. Taking elements that were well received from previous runs, the modern tie-ins, the mythology, but also looking at the Amazonian history and giving it all his own twist to it. As far as accessibility, having both an origins story as well as a modern story makes it easy for new readers to jump in. Learning about who this Wonder Woman is going to turn out to be, and it’s not strictly necessary to brush up on her previous stories because Rucka’s clearly going to be feeding readers everything that’s relevant to the story he’s telling. 


Wonder Woman Rebirth is an exciting fresh start for the run, and this issue does a compelling job of selling the story. The art also presents itself in good standing as it is fairly dynamic with bold colour choices suitable for the character of Wonder Woman herself. Sharp’s work is incredibly detailed and Martin’s colours compliments it well, and it’ll be exciting to see what they bring to the rest of the run. And while we haven’t seen what Nicola Scott plans to bring to the origin story, if we’re basing it off of the precedent that Rebirth has set, it’s bound to be just as exciting. 


Rebirth is definitely a set up to future issues to come so while this particular issue isn’t the most action-packed it’s a nice introduction that does it’s job in keeping readers enticed. 

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