Star Wars #26

by stephengervais on December 28, 2016

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Last story arc the Alliance just achieved what was thought to be impossible by stealing a Star Destroyer to deliver supplies to an ally. The Empire is none-too-happy and has vowed retribution. This marks the start of a new arc and I’d say is a good jumping on point if you have some basic knowledge of the Star Wars universe.
The issues opens with C3PO being interrogated by his captors, a rough and tough stormtrooper squad. The whole scene is pretty darn funny and writer Jason Aaron captures C3PO’s voice and character perfectly. It felt as a natural as any typical 3PO scene from the films. Aaron has done a fabulous job throughout the entire series depicting all the classic characters and this issue does a great job highlighting this. He’s playing with loads of characters in this issue and each one gives a worthy performance of their film counterparts.
With so many characters in an issue you might think their scenes feel rushed or it would break up the pace of the issue with so much going on. Well it does not. Each character gets enough page time to establish themselves in the issue and they all have a role to play in the overall feel to the story. Aaron brings everything together to make a nice cohesive storyline.
Salvador Larroca’s art is amazing! I was blown away by the space scenes highlighted by a nice two page spread of the Rebel fleet. All the characters look like the stars that played them. He captures the facial expressions where you’d swear you’ve seen the actor give the same look on the silver screen.
There were lots of great scenes throughout this issue that I won’ go into detail on to avoid spoiling the fun. Yoda’s introduction was amazing! The scene with R2D2 was heartwarming and we get a nice surprise guest when the issue flashes back while Luke is reading Kenobi’s journal.

All in all this was a really entertaining issue that I didn’t want to end. I loved Aaron’s portrayal of all the characters, new and old, and Larroca’s art was near perfect. If you haven’t been reading this series but want to give it a try this issue is a pretty good jumping on point to join in the fun.

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