Lazarus #22

by stephengervais on June 15, 2016

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Michael Lark
Publisher: Image Comics
 After 6 long months one of my favorite comics is back!! The last issue came out in December and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next chapter to begin ever since. The series really has it all, great characters, fabulous writing, amazing art, suspense, action...the list goes on and on. This issue marks the beginning of new arc with all the families fighting for control of the world.
I may be somewhat biased considering I’ve been rabidly craving some new Lazarus but this issue is pretty much perfect. Rucka’s dialogue and narrative are dead on as usual. He expertly paces along the action and intrigue all the while continuing to develop all the characters. His dialogue seems so natural and meaningful it creates an authentic atmosphere throughout the entire issue. Then there are times where he simply lets the images carry the story and this done remarkably well. There are 3 big scenes which feature no dialogue or narration at all and in the context of the issue they come off as the most powerful and memorable. This issue exhibits all the characteristics of expert storytelling.
Lark does an equally amazing job as Rucka in furthering this series. His work is nothing short of incredible. His pencils not only capture the tone of the story perfectly but in many instances he sets it. His gritty style encapsulates the ominous mood of the ongoing war but he can also lighten it up for heartfelt moments. It’s really staggering how many feelings his art can evoke in the reader.  
This series is a particularly hard one to review because discussing any of the specific plot points would ruin the intrigue and suspense the reader needs to experience to fully appreciate this journey. This issue was a perfect return for one of my favorite ongoing runs. I’m extremely glad it’s back and if I can issue a plea to Mr. Rucka and Mr. Lark, please don’t leave us for 6 months ever again!!

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