Uncanny X-Force #23

by stephengervais on April 02, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #23 wraps up the Captain Britain Corps story arc. Writer Rick Remender continues to pen great issue after great issue but artist Greg Tocchini really brought this whole arc down. I found this entire arc difficult to read because of the art. The story itself was a great follow-up to the Dark Angel Saga but the art was so difficult to follow each issue became a chore to read.

This issue has a great emotional twist at the end which saves the issue from what seems like a total lack of effort from the artist. I’m very close to dropping this title but because I’m such a Remender fan it is a difficult decision. I really hope the next arc features a new artist or Tocchini steps up his pen game.

It’s a difficult issue to score because a comic is equal part art and writing. If it were separate rankings I’d give the writing a 5 out of 5 and the art a 1.

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