Space Riders #2

by stephengervais on May 13, 2015

Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr
Artist: Alexis Ziritt
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

One good thing about missing the first printing of the debut issue of this series is I get a double dose of mind-blowing action this week and my eyes get hit with an overwhelming visual feast of amazing! This series is a blast to read and look at. Buckle up and get ready for some insane fun.
Writer Fabian Rangel Jr gives us a little more story in this issue than the debut. We get some flashback scenes to help develop the Capitan and his crew. He gives us just a taste as to not make them overly complex and bogged down with unneeded detail. There’s plenty more dialogue as well this issue with the cheesy one-liners ramped up their glorious fullest! Of course there’s also plenty of action.
The main draw to this book is the magnificent action beautifully rendered by artist Alexis Ziritt. The brilliant colour palate makes every image pop so loudly it’s almost an assault on your eyeballs. It’s the kind of book you can’t help but flip through over and over again when you’re done just to admire the pure beauty of it.
The creative team complement each other perfectly. The plot is rich in fun with plenty of laugh out loud moments which are impressively brought to life by such an insane and intense artistic style. The words and images go together like pancakes and syrup. I can’t imagine one without the other.
This issue plays out like your wildest dream that you wish you hadn’t woken up from so soon. It’s so much fun to read and get lost in art. I hope everyone picks it up and supports a really one of kind adventure this creative team has put together.

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