Space Riders #1

by stephengervais on May 13, 2015

Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr
Artist: Alexis Ziritt
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
After reading this all I can say is thank the heavens for second chances! This issue somehow slipped under my radar with its first printing but with an absolute bananas 2nd printing cover I thankfully couldn’t resist a glimpse into this insane world. The creative team and Black Mask Studios have put together one of the wildest space adventures I have ever read.
The first thing that grabs your attention with this issue is wonderfully psychedelic art and colours handled by Alexis Ziritt. His far out depiction of space takes your eyes on one heck of a wild ride. The colours are so bright and vibrant that the images just explode in your face. The artwork itself is equally as bold with a very distinct cast of characters and a beautifully drawn galaxy filled to the brim with planets and stars.
The story, written by Fabian Rangel Jr, keeps pace with the zany visuals. Space Riders #1 tells the tale of Capitan Peligro as he pilots his ship delivering justice to the scum of the universe. Not to spoil too much but our gruff leader gets taken off duty for year and when he gets reinstated the issue goes into hyperdrive!
This adventure reminds me of a 90s action flick cast in space. It features an over-the-top plot with a confident almost arrogant protagonist and non-stop action! Plus we get anthropomorphic animals, an intergalactic motorcycle gang, and a skull shaped space ship! This is a very entertaining read and obviously not to be taken seriously. It’s filled with deadpan one-liners and escapes from impossible situations. There’s really lots of great stuff packed into this debut issue.
This super-fun, over-the-top space opera is like nothing else on the shelves. It takes you on a weird and wacky adventure at 100 mph so hold on and enjoy the ride. Just make sure you take some time to enjoy the view.

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