Morning Glories volume 2: All Will Be Free

by stephengervais on March 07, 2012

Volume two of Morning Glories published by Image Comics collects issue seven to twelve of the ongoing series.  They also took many readers advice and included the covers with this collection. Rodin Esquejo draws the covers and they are a welcome bonus to collection. He does such great work.

Writer Nick Spencer dedicates one issue to each of the 6 “Morning Glories” in volume two. He gives us a detailed background on their lives before coming to the Academy and how their personalities where shaped. We also learn more about the mystery surrounding the Academy but we still don’t know the end goal of the faculty or the school. It seems for every answer we get Spencer cleverly raises more questions to keep the suspense buzzing.

Artist Joe Eisma continues to shine in this collection. His crisp panel layouts and character detail help move the story along clearly. It could be awful confusing with everyone dressed in a school uniform but Eisma gives enough detail to obviously distinguish each character. My one complaint about his work is I find the Indian and Japanese characters look white. Maybe some more facial detail and better coloring could correct this.

This is another great volume of Morning Glories. Spencer paces the story just right to really build the mystery surrounding the Academy. I still don’t know how this story will unfold but I’m anxious to find out. Great characters and suspense truly make this ongoing series a must read.

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