Daytripper (tpb)

by stephengervais on February 26, 2012

Daytripper is a beautiful story based on life and death created by the Brazilian twin brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. This is the first piece of work I’ve read by them but it will definitely not be last. It was originally published as a 10 part mini-series by DC’s Vertigo.

The story focuses on Bras De Olivia Domingos. He’s the son of a world famous author as well as an aspiring writer himself but at the moment he is an obituary writer for a newspaper. The story takes a look at random days his of life at different ages and how they shaped the outcome of his life. The twist at the end of each issue is that Bras is killed. The series as a whole are all the possibilities his life could take or end. There is a real emphasize on how each moment of life no matter how small or insignificant shape our overall being. At first I thought this was a story about mortality but when I got to the end I found myself thinking it was more about life and how precious each day really is.

The authors really accentuates how moments in our lives not only affect how we live but also how we affect others around us. Through life, death, relationships, and friendship our life plays a huge part to those we hold dear. Life moves so fast we tend to forget how each action we take can touch others. This was a very emotional read that I found inspires you not to take life for granted.  My personal favorite issue of the series was number 5 where Bras is 11 years old visiting his grandparent’s ranch. The whole extended family is there for a week and it brought back a flood of memories from my childhood when we’d visit my grandparents.

The art adds even more to the story with such realistic images and details. The facial expressions make the characters come to life. In fact each scene seemed alive moving from panel to panel like every day life. The pictures added what words sometimes fail to.

A very thought provoking read that in the end left me examining my life and  realizing how lucky we truly are. I highly recommend this series to everyone.

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