Unwritten volume 4: Leviathan

by stephengervais on February 20, 2012

Leviathan is the fourth volume of The Unwritten collecting issues 19-24 published by DC’s Vertigo line. It’s so refreshing to have a series nowadays that keeps the creative team together for an extended period of time. Mike Carey and Peter Gross continue to make magic together with another outstanding chapter in this series.

The central theme for volume 4 which you could probably guess by the Leviathan title given to it is whales. Specifically whales in famous pieces of literature. Being how Moby Dick is unquestionably the most well known literary whale this story opens in Herman Melville’s hometown. For what seems to be a small volume we get an awful lot of information and adventure. We find out more about what’s happening to Savoy, Tom and Lizzie take their relationship to a new level, and we get introduced to a new and very powerful foe who is lured into helping destroy Tom. All this and Tom is sucked into a Moby Dick story which brings together other famous whale adventures in which he must find his way out of.

Of course the artwork once again plays a huge role in the story. The way Gross changes up his style between the real world and the literary really removes any confusion the reader may have jumping back and forth.

Much to my delight after a one volume absence the tradition of the stand alone story to end the volume returns. This time we have that crazy rabbit Pauly Bruckner returning for an adventure. For me this is the highlight of volume 3. Even though I have the collected works of this series I may go buy these one shot issues I like them so much.

Leviathan is another impressive chapter to this fantastic adventure. I really hope that this creative team stays together for the duration of this series. This is one story where you’re never sure where it’s going but you’re sure glad you’re around for the ride.

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