Animal Man #3

by stephengervais on December 19, 2011

This issue writer Jeff Lemire perfectly balances two storylines. One has Buddy and Maxine journey to the centre of The Red also known as the Life Web. Here they encounter the Totems who act as caretakers of The Red.  The Totems give Buddy a deeper explanation to his origins and how he came to be. They also explain more of the future role developing for Maxine. Just as we’re about to get more answers an attack on Buddy and Maxine comes way of the Hunters Three. The creepy characters introduced to us last issue at the zoo.

The second storyline focuses on the other half of Buddy’s family, his wife Ellen and his son Cliff as they battle for their lives. I really enjoyed this half of the story. It’s refreshing to see the hero’s family get this much attention. 

Travel Foreman’s art continues to compliment the frightening and bizarre world Lemire has created. The highlight of the book for me is Foreman’s eerie portrayal of possessed Detective Krenshaw. The creepy expression on his face and the flies at his back send a shiver up my spine.

This issue also hints to a future cross over with Swamp Thing where The Red and The Green meet. These two horror titles colliding should make for some sleepless nights for the readers or at least some strange dreams.

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