Animal Man #2

by stephengervais on December 19, 2011

This issue takes place immediately after the bizarre cliffhanger of issue one with Maxine playing with animals she’s raised from their graves.  The story continues with a dark sequence of events that has the family dealing with changes involving Buddy and his daughter Maxine. It’s all brought to climax with dispute involving one of Buddy’s neighbors. Then as the reader is anticipating a break from the horror it gets even more intense with an interlude at the San Diego zoo.  Artist Travel Foreman’s depictions of the events surrounding the zoo are sure to make you cringe.

Writer Jeff Lemire really focuses on Buddy Baker and his family this issue especially the bond that Buddy and Maxine are developing much to the chagrin of Buddy’s wife, Ellen. She doesn’t feel comfortable with her daughter getting mixed up in all the craziness surrounding Buddy lately. After some back and forth between Buddy and his wife it’s decided that Buddy must follow his daughter to somewhere referred to as The Red to find out exactly what is happening to them.

I find the pacing of the issue really makes for a tense read and this is only magnified with the disturbing artwork.  I can’t wait for issue #3

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