Wolverine and the X-Men #2

by stephengervais on December 18, 2011

Wow!! After reading issue #1 I expected this series to be more of a character driven romp with lots of witty dialogue and little in the way of action. Well I got half of it right! The witty dialogue and character development is definitely there but also jammed into the issue is so much action it’s bursting from the pages!

This issue has the school grounds of Jean Grey School for Higher Learning literally coming to life and attacking the students and faculty courtesy of one of my new favorite bad guys, Kade Kilgore and his pint sized gang the Hellfire Club. I also thought that the focus of the series would be on Wolverine but writer Jason Aaron switches direction and puts Iceman front and centre this go around. Instead of the obvious direction of Wolverine taking care of the rough stuff Iceman becomes the focus of the battle scenes.

Artist Chris Bachalo’s work is both chaotic and crisp throughout the issue. He’s a master of detail and squeezes so much into each panel you have to go over them at least twice to catch it all. His battle scenes are so frenzied they’ll leave you breathless.

My favorite moment has to be Iceman planting a big smooch on Kitty Pryde!

This series is such great fun. An original take on the characters by both the writer and the artist makes me anticipating issue three!!

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You nailed it completely with your comments. Having just read #1 & #2 I'm totally hooked. I like how Iceman discovers new ways to manifest his powers and the fact that one of the students is an actual Brood just blows my mind. Loved it.

See, THIS is more like a review than your last one was.
There's an original take on characters, and then there's incorrect characterization. This comic featured the latter.