Wolverine and the X-Men #1

by stephengervais on December 18, 2011

Jason Aaron pens this new series in which Wolverine and half the X-Men move from Utopia to Westchester, New York to start a new school for young mutants. Of course this was all brought on by the aftermath of Schism where Wolverine and Cyclops had a major difference of opinion concerning the role of the younger mutants in combat.

This issue has Wolverine, the headmaster of the school, preparing for a visit from the state school inspectors. Their job is to ensure that the students are learning in a safe environment and whether or not the school poses a threat to the state. Wolverine in a white shirt and tie touring with the inspectors as they parade the school grounds pointing out problematic issues is priceless. It is such a fresh take on a character we’re so used to seeing solving everything with his claws. Of course the issue wouldn’t be complete without some bad guys to interrupt the inspection which we get in the way of the new Black King of the Hellfire Club, Kade Kilgore.

The artwork is handled masterfully by Chris Bachalo. There is so much detail in Bachalo’s work you really have to go over each panel multiple times to catch it all. Not only is his detailing so well done he’s also one of the best at facial expressions and exaggerated anatomy.

Sharp dialogue, stylish artwork and a “what else could go wrong” cliffhanger are all rolled into this outstanding first issue.

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