Wanted (tpb)

by stephengervais on December 12, 2011

Wanted tells the tale of cubicle loser Wesley Gibson. Wesley is abused at every moment of his day-to-day life. He’s ridiculed on the way to work, degraded at work by his boss and co-workers, and humiliated at home by his cheating girlfriend. One day this all changes when he is brought into a fraternity of super villains. In this world all the super heroes have been killed and a secret society of villains controls the planet. Wesley has inherited his way into this underground club by way of his murdered father who left him and his mother when he was a baby.

Wesley soon learns that with this new membership he can get away with any crime without consequences. He is trained to become a top assassin and is now untouchable by the law. His initial focus is to right all the wrongs he feels he has suffered throughout his life by way of murder, rape, and overall mayhem. His focus eventually shifts to the inner politics of this villainous organization and who within it was responsible for his dad’s murder.

As we learn more of the murder we also discover how at odds the villains are with each other. There is major dissention and disagreement within the ranks. All the twists and revelations will keep you absorbed throughout the series.

The artwork is beautifully drawn by JG Jones who also handles the inking. He manages to really capture this violent world that writer Mark Millar has thought up. The artwork is just as graphic as the writing. Both are best described as profane.

All in all this series is entertaining with sharp dialogue, great characterization, an original plot, and fantastic artwork. Not recommended for anyone looking for positive meaning, good over evil, or the faint of heart. The entire 6 issue mini series is collected in this one trade paperback along with some fan favorite extras such as a cover gallery, character profiles, deleted scenes, and design concepts.

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Great review. Makes me wanna re-read this trade all over again!