Amazing Spider-Man #675

by stephengervais on December 08, 2011

This issue has Spidey teaming up with his ex-girlfriend, CSI agent Carlie Cooper. They continue to investigate the rash of high rise robberies and how they are linked to what the police are calling suicides but our crime fighting duo believe to be murders. As they are putting together all the clues the story shifts to the Vulture and his gang of thugs known as the Flock. We learn how the Vulture controls and manipulates the Flock and just how nasty he can be. Writer Dan Slott puts together a great little detective story this issue that eventually leads to a showdown between Spider-Man and the Vulture. I won’t spoil how the battle unfolds but I will say the final 3-4 panels of the confrontation are way to cliché. We’ve seen that scenario a little too often and I must say I was disappointed. The highlight of this issue for me was the darker portrayal of the Vulture. I love how Slott gave him a more sinister presence than the cartoonish way he is usually made to appear. This was complimented perfectly by artist, Giuseppe Camuncoli’s work on the last two issues. All in all this was an entertaining 2 issue story arc. There was by no means a definitive conclusion so I’m pretty sure the Vulture will be playing an upcoming role in Spider-Man’s near future.

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