X-Men: Schism #5

by stephengervais on December 05, 2011

Last issue Wolverine rigged Utopia with explosives to destroy the Sentinel sent by the Hellfire Club to attack the island. In doing so an evacuation of the area has commenced and a brawl between Wolverine and Cyclops over a major difference of opinion has erupted.

The brawl between Cyclops and Wolverine which closed out last issue opens the action this time around. This is one heavyweight fight. Once again writer, Jason Aaron, steps aside and let’s yet another legendary artist, Adam Kubert, handle the action. He does a masterful job depicting each and every blow and blast delivered by Wolverine and Cyclops to each other with little in the way of dialogue.

As expected as the Sentinel engages the two in battle the students return to help fend off the giant. Wolverine and Cyclops put aside their differences and concentrate their efforts on the Sentinel.

Not to ruin the conclusion of this event I’ll stop there. The one concern I had with this issue is the inking handled digitally by Mark Roslan. I found they made some of Kubert’s work appear blotchy.

Overall I thought this event was well done. I thought Aaron really set up the eventual brawl between Cyclops and Wolverine with great dialogue and a tension the reader could almost feel. I love his new villains running the Hellfire Club. I hope we see them soon. Great read!

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