X-Men: Schism #4

by stephengervais on December 05, 2011

This issue begins with the giant Sentinel created by the Hellfire Club last issue making its way to Utopia. With the majority of the mutants scattered around the world dealing with other activated malfunctioning Sentinels and the rest of the team in the infirmary, Cyclops sees no other choice but to use the students to battle the gigantic Sentinel.

Writer Jason Aaron has been eluding that Cyclops’ use of the students as soldiers would be the breaking point between Wolverine and the X-Men leader. An argument of ethics and morality erupts between the two as the Sentinel quickly approaches Utopia.

Not to ruin how Wolverine decides to deal with the situation I can say while his plan is playing out he and Cyclops eventually turn from arguing to all out brawling. This brawl is definitely the highlight of the issue. It’s handled beautifully by the legendary artist Alan Davis. In fact Aaron steps aside and this epic battle between the two unfolds solely by the cinematic penmanship of the master Davis. No words were needed!

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