X-Men: Schism #3

by stephengervais on December 05, 2011

The closing of issue two pretty much guaranteed that the next one would be action packed. Oh boy did writer, Jason Aaron, ever deliver the goods!

The issue opens with the many of the heavy hitters in the X-Men enjoying cocktails at the opening of the Museum of Mutant History. They, along with a handful of mutant students, are mingling with the crowd admiring the various exhibits at the museum. The new Hellfire Club, a group of rich and powerful children, soon interrupt the soiree and proceed to lay the smack down on some of our favourite mutant heroes.

Wolverine, who was boycotting the event, witnesses the attack on a bar room television immediately rushes to the aid of his friends. He arrives on the scene at the same time as Cyclops. As they rush to get everyone to safety the tension between the two escalates to an all out argument over endangering the young student’s lives at this event. Their argument is soon interrupted by what appears to be the final phase of Hellfire Club’s plan which promises us plenty more action next issue.

Great artwork this issue handled by Daniel Acuna. He was the perfect choice to handle this all out battle issue.

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