X-Men: Schism #2

by stephengervais on December 05, 2011

This issue the tension continues to mount between the humans and mutants brought on by the events at the Arms Conference. Various world leaders bring their Sentinels out of storage to appease the anti-mutant masses. Little do they know the Sentinels have been purposely set to malfunction by the new Black King of the Hellfire Club, 12 year old Kade Kilgore. We also learn more of Kilgore’s plan and are introduced to his gang of pint sized partners.

Writer Jason Aaron continues to develop the rift between Wolverine and Cyclops throughout this issue. It seems teetering on the edge when the mutant, Quentin Quire, responsible for the incident at the Arms Conference shows up on Utopia and requests sanctuary. Is this renegade mutant the catalyst to divide Cyclops and Wolverine?

Frank Cho handles the artwork this issue and it’s a great improvement over issue one. My favourite moment this issue is Cho’s depiction of the little girl associate of Kade Kilgore going all “hit-girl” on an alien being!

The ending has many of the core X-Men along with some of the young mutant students attending the opening of the San Fran Museum of Mutant history. Of course more of the Hellfire Club’s plan comes to light. Looks like issue three will be action packed!

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