Secret Avengers #6

by stephengervais on July 30, 2014

Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Michael Walsh
Publisher: Marvel Comics
I love this book! I love that with the success of Fraction’s Hawkeye we now get books like this! Books that don’t take themselves too seriously, book that don’t necessarily play into the complex continuity of everything going on in the Marvel universe, and books that are just so much fun to read. Seriously this is a great series that caught me by surprise.
Writer Ales Kot has put together such a unique team dynamic with this series I would be happy reading an issue of the group sitting around interacting over breakfast. His dialogue is just that sharp! Not only is the character work and dialogue spot on but he is also delivering an adventure every issue jammed with action. He doesn’t get bogged down with all complexities of the Avengers universe but instead gives the reader a pretty much stand-alone series. The action continues in this issue with the group’s leader Maria Hill once again delegating her agents on various assignments all the while trying to solve the origin of an attack on the team’s headquarters with the help of MODOK.
The art by Michael Walsh is absolutely perfect for the story. His art compliments that fun action tone set by the plot and dialogue. His art in turn benefits from the bright vibrant colours used by Matthew Wilson. Truly this is a creative team all on the same page. The page layouts are really a standout in this issue particular the fight scene on the train.
 This issue is filled with excitement, intrigue and the usual great cast of characters. As always a fun and original issue that I recommend you give a shot.

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