Deep Gravity #1

by stephengervais on July 30, 2014

Writers: Mike Richardson and Corinna Bechko
Artists: Gabriel Hardman and Fernando Baldo
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Deep Gravity comes along at a time where there really are some amazing sci-fi comics currently on the market. To make an impression in the gendre nowadays the creative team really has to come up with a unique and special storyline to capture the readership. Although this debut issue had a slow start by the end of it there is definitely enough potential to pull the reader in for the ride.
The book follows an interplanetary mining company hired by the government to extract resources from an earth-like planet, Poseidon. While that in itself is not an overly original concept, the idea of the 3 year cycle the company employees are committed for lends an interesting twist to the plot. The cycle consists of 3 years in hibernation to get to the planet, 3 years of work, and then a 3 year trip back once again in hibernation. Hopefully the workers are well rewarded!! We meet our main protagonist early on and discover his motivation is not one of financial reward but to try and win back his scientist girlfriend.
We meet a good array of characters throughout the issue but beyond the basics don’t really get to know them as of yet. It’s a debut issue so I’m hopeful their development will come as the series progresses. The mood of the issue is what I found really drew me in. As we discover more about the company and its potential shady dealings and double-crosses it really sets a mysterious tone to the story. I found myself more intrigued by the mystery and the planets ambiguous surroundings than by the main characters girlfriend problems.
Where the creators didn’t delve into the characters they definitely gave us a good look at the planets inhabitants. Fans of scary looking aliens are in for a real treat. And really who isn’t a fan of scary looking aliens?!! The art of throughout the issue is dead on. From the look of the ships to planet’s surface to the before mentioned creatures the artists deliver a really nice looking issue. They give us a gritty looking planet that really adds to the perilous ambience of the story.
While this issue didn’t grab me right off the bat I found as I read on I became more immersed into the world being created. By the world I do mean the planet being mined and the wonderful creatures that live there. With more character development and the mood already set we should be in for a very entertaining series filled with intrigue and hopefully more frightening aliens!

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