Rocket Raccoon #1

by stephengervais on July 03, 2014

Writer and Artist: Skottie Young
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Without a doubt the most anticipated release of the week goes to Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon #1. The talented Skottie does double duty on this issue handling both the story and the artwork. It’s not all often that everyone across the World Wide Web agrees on something but there was no dissension found anywhere that his art style was not the perfect fit to portray our favorite foul-mouthed critter. The big question was could his storytelling match his artwork? This issue not only proves he was absolutely the right artistic choice but also that he writes one hell of a fun yarn!
When discussing this issue we must start with the art. Mr. Skottie Young has truly developed one of the most unique and instantly recognizable art styles in comics today. When it was first announced that he would be drawing a Rocket Raccoon comic I immediately became excited and I, along with everyone on the internet, thought now this is a match made in comic heaven! The art in this issue did not disappoint in the least. As with all of Skottie’s work I had a smile on my face the whole while I read the issue. The focus of each panel is his wonderful character work with very simple backgrounds. In fact a lot of the backgrounds are just different shades of a given bright colour. With the focus so heavily on the characters themselves you tend to centre more on their animated movements and expressions which would lose it’s effectiveness with highly detailed surroundings.
The writing itself was a ton of fun. Some might get the impression that this is an all-ages title but it is most definitely not. Rocket can cuss with the best of them and Skottie doesn’t hold back. Of course all swearing is “symboled” out but it’s still there in abundance. I like to go over those panels with different combinations of swear words to see just how foul I can get it!
The story takes place in GOTG continuity but can be picked up by new readers no problem at all. It is a solo Raccoon series but the other Guardians do make some great appearances in the issue. I particularly liked the back and forth banter between Rocket and Star-Lord. As a new reader to the Guardians world this issue along with the new Star-Lord has really gotten me interested in that corner of the Marvel Universe which I guess was there master plan all along. Good job guys!
All in all this was a great debut issue filled with plenty of Rocket Raccoon attitude and pandemonium. It has the makings of a great space adventure comic filled with intrigue and just the right amount of humour which was a blast to read.

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