Legendary Star-Lord #1

by stephengervais on July 02, 2014

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Paco Medina
Publisher: Marvel Comics

With the release of the latest Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, fast approaching there has been an increase in related titles hitting the comic racks at the local comic shop as of late. This is definitely great news for fans of the characters or those looking to learn more about them and their universe.  One of the big releases today is the first solo title for the leader of the Guardians, Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord.
This debut issue written by Sam Humphries is totally new-reader friendly. Anyone with or without Guardians knowledge can pick this up and not only enjoy it but also get a sense of who Peter Quill is and what sort of life he leads. Humphries quickly plants the seeds that Star-Lord is swashbuckling adventurer with a soft spot for the ladies. Through numerous action sequences and some smart inner monologue we really come to understand he’s a lovable character with a knack for getting in and out of trouble. Humphries does a great job portraying this without bogging us down with too many details which would have taken away from the action movie feel of the issue.
The art of Paco Medina is a perfect complement to the story. He’s building quite the reputation as a go-to-guy for sci-fi adventure as he’s also been handling the art duties on Nova. The man really knows how to draw aliens, guns, ships and amazing cosmic backgrounds. With the help of inker Juan Vlasco, the images really pop giving us a true movie feel to the issue. Which I’m guessing is exactly what Marvel wanted.
This issue is a perfect introduction to Peter Quill, Star-Lord. It’s a thoroughly entertaining romp from beginning to end. It’s filled with gun battles, getaways and casual flirtation. It’s truly just an all-around fun read.

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