Outcast #1

by stephengervais on June 25, 2014

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art: Paul Azaceta
Publisher: Image Comics
Outcast is the first new series written by Kirkman himself since the Walking Dead went syndicate 3 years ago. This issue actually sold out at the distributor level a day before it was released which considering the success of Walking Dead is not a huge surprise. The big question is not whether it would sell-out but whether this new series would start out as captivating and innovative as everyone’s favorite dystopian zombie saga? The answer is hell yea it does!
Kirkman gives us a new horror comic under his Skybound imprint and it’s a real dandy. The main protagonist of the story is Kyle Barnes who seems to have a rich history filled with demonic possession and exorcism. As with previous Kirkman work we also get a good-sized cast of secondary characters who complement the leading character and really help move the story along. He has a real knack for spotlighting each personality without bogging down the story or overwhelming the reader. The pacing of the issue is driven by the characters and is pretty much spot on. You get interested in them very quickly and intrigued as to how each one of them will affect the overall story.
The tone of the story is set within the first two pages of the issue leaving no doubt in the reader’s mind they’re in for dark and tense read. Within the first few pages you know you’ve embarked on a horror-filled read with the imagery to back it up. Azaceta’s art style is a perfect match for this gendre. His work is filled with shadows and grainy line work which only adds to the intensity of the story. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention his facial expressions which are amazing! The mood of the story is hugely enhanced by the look captured on everyone’s face from grief to disdain to horror and so on. It really is amazing how much feeling he can conjure up with each individual.
This really is a near perfect debut issue introducing us to great cast of characters and a new Kirkman world filled with horror and intrigue. It’s a dark world not for the faint of heart that’s for sure. Oh and did I mention the first issue is 64 pages for only $2.99?? 

Our Score:


A Look Inside


Great book but, like in thief of thieves, I felt like it was a pitch for a TV pilot more than a story that he really wanted to tell.  The setting, events and action felt like it was trying to satisfy a budget.. but maybe this is just something in my head alone.

Still, fantastic book and one that people seem to be expecting will go to TV.  Some guy at my shop ordered 10 copies!