Hellboy in Hell #6

by stephengervais on May 13, 2014

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Mike Mignola
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
The wait is over my friends! It’s been a long few months but Hellboy in Hell is back and I must say it was well worth it! This series is written and drawn by the Hellboy creator himself, Mike Mignola, with the colouring done by long-time Mignolaverse contributor Dave Stewart. Anytime these two get together beautiful things happen and Hellboy in Hell #6 is no exception. The aptly titled issue, The Death Card, delivers an undeniably entertaining story for new and seasoned readers of the Hellboy world or in this case the afterworld. I know it’s unusual in comics but yes Hellboy is still dead and working his way around Hell. The issue is filled with many classic Hellboy’esque moments captured by the incredible work of Mignola and Stewart.
The issue has a great opening sequence with Hellboy and two authorities on the geography of Hell discussing the landscape. Their description along with Mignola’s classic Victorian style artwork and Stewart’s complementary dark palette with just the right touch of hues creates a haunting depiction of the infernal world. Their conversation is abruptly interrupted by an old vampire acquaintance of our big red friend and then the action really takes off!
This to me is where we really start to get some timeless Hellboy depictions. Mignola gives it all to us this issue with a fight scene in which we get panels of classic Hellboy imagery including Victorian buildings being smashed, skeletons, demons, monsters, snakes, glass flying, and I could go on. It really is filled with illustrations that long-time readers will take delight in and new readers will be in awe of. This issue is a terrific illustration of what makes Mignola so special. It portrays everything that any Hellboy fan could want in issue and more importantly makes us want more.
Being a long time reader of this character it’s hard for me to gauge whether this could be a good jumping on point but I’m inclined to say yes it is. I do always recommend starting at the beginning of Hellboy because it is such an amazing run but for those you just looking to check out this character I think you could read and enjoy this instalment. You do need a basic knowledge of Hellboy, which is easily found on the net, and just know that he is dead and now residing in Hell.  I know sometimes it can be daunting to start a new series from a mid-point but I truly believe this is an issue where you can jump on board and not only be satisfied but also be inclined to check out past works.
Mignola has continued to write quite a few stories and draw many covers but has not done all that much interior artwork in many years which makes this series all that more brilliant. It’s always a huge bonus when he picks up that drawing pen and gives us some Hellboy magic really like no other can. He is the master of this universe and this issue exhibits that beautifully.

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