Hit-Girl #1 (2018) review

by stephengervais on February 20, 2018

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Colorist: Sunny Cho
Publisher: Image
It has been a great two weeks for fellow fans of the Kick-Ass universe! Last week marked the return of a new character donning the Kick-Ass uniform and this week we get the return of our favorite psychopath vigilante, Hit-Girl! Hit-Girl’s latest adventures have her travelling the globe dispensing her brand of justice. Her first stop…Colombia!
As only Mark Millar can, the book introduces a whole lot of information and backstory quickly but does so in way that the reader does not feel overwhelmed. Right off the bat, we’re set up in Colombia, the new characters are fleshed out, and we understand Hit-Girl’s reasoning and motivation behind her new missions. I don’t know how he does it but he does it perfectly, all the while keeping the pace up to extreme Millarworld levels. The script is exciting and action-packed with some nice laugh-out-loud moments throughout.
The other trait I love about Millar’s work is his ability to write an issue, which is new-reader accessible, but still appeal and excite established fans of the Kick-Ass universe. He does this without a recap page. It’s all just written organically throughout the issue.
For long time readers the artist switch might be a tad jarring at first. We are so used to seeing JR JR in this world that Ortiz’s cartoonier, sketchy style of drawing is a big change. Trust me, you get used to it quickly. It also acts as a compliment to the tempo of the story. The set-up in Colombia is a chaotic scene involving a trial and subsequent escape of murdering drug dealer. The pandemonium is enhanced by this loose style of drawing. This along with the bright colours by Sonny Cho give the work a sense of constant motion and raw energy. Everything comes together to give a dynamic reading experience.
This latest installment of Hit-Girl is a ton of fun. I’m very exciting to see how this arc progresses and to find out where she’s off to next. Rumour has it she’ll be coming to my country, Canada, in an upcoming arc! New readers will get a good taste and introduction to this world and I have a feeling will immediately search for past trades. If you are looking for a kick-ass time look no further than Hit-Girl #1!

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