The Secret History of D.B. Cooper #4

by stephengervais on July 02, 2012

When issue one of this series came out I flipped through it and immediately liked the artwork so I took a chance and purchased it. Am I ever glad I did. This series has quickly become one my personal favorites and one of my most anticipated reads each month.  It is both written and drawn by Brian Churilla and brought to us by Oni Press.

With issue #4 we get more information on how Cooper acts as a doorway between the glut and the real world. We learn more on how the creatures of the glut want to use Cooper as portal to cross into the real world. Along with all the action taking place with Cooper split between reality and the glut we also discover more concerning the CIA and Soviet involvement in the whole storyline. There are just so many surprises this issue including the ending you will be eagerly awaiting the next issue.

My favorite part of this issue is the growing relationship between Cooper and the one-eared bear in the glut, Lee.  Lee is attempting to befriend and help Cooper in the glut but thus far Cooper has rejected his efforts and labeled him a pinko. The action sequences with Lee are fantastic. You can tell Churilla is having a blast both writing and drawing the Lee character.

Up until near the end of the issue I was wondering when in fact the comic was going to get into the real life events of D.B. Cooper ( Google it-who says comics aren’t an educational tool!) but it would seem that will be the main focus of the next issue.

As I stated earlier the illustrations are what first captured me into Churilla’s world of monsters and espionage but along with the wonderful artwork comes a fun and imaginative romp. With so many plot twists I’m always wondering what will happen next and the endings always seem to have me impatiently anticipated the next issue. If you’re like me and always looking for something fun and original pick up this series it will deliver on both fronts.

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Nice review. Sounds kinda wacky. I'll check out the tbp when it comes out.