Dark Engine #1

by spicytoilet on July 16, 2014

Written by: RYAN BURTON


Letters by: CRANK!



I couldn’t wait to dig into this one.  This being gets created and sent back in time.  Little do its creators know, what powers her is actually sentient.  Can the Dark engine influence Sym?  Force her to stray from her mission?  I was dying to know.



Right away, as I was gazing at these gnarly looking demons.  The art is spectacular and I truly enjoyed the ink job.  The colors are great too.  And there’s Sym, beating the crap out of dinosaurs and eating them in her den, or lair or whatever.  They might be dragons instead of dinosaurs, so there’s that too.  



Eventually, in some tower we see these two alchemists.  One is comforting the other, but the worried one mentions the Dark engine.  It’s what powers Sym.  If these guys read Previews they’d know how screwed they really are.  



Any who, the barefoot alchemist named Paul jumps to his death.  He saw the thing that powers Sym when it was first activated.  He was haunted ever since.  While Paul’s long haired co-alchemy buddy mourns, another of their compadres is in the shadows.  He mentions Sym didn’t land where she was supposed to.



We see a pretty gory fight scene between Sym and a dinosaur.  Lots of awesomeness here.  We then see something in Syms belly.  I’m assuming it’s the Dark engine.  Then we see the pyramids.  After that we see Sym tearing apart a hippo.  Or maybe the engine sent her there and she and the hippo just couldn't occupy the same space or something?



What confused me was when these two folks were admiring the serene scene.  River, hippo pyramids.  Then in an instant everything just goes foul.  This story could've been done with some more narration.  It’s a lost opportunity I think.  It’s just, everything is nice and pretty.  Then the river is full of blood.  From one moment to another.  



The art and lettering are spot on.  And the little bit of dialogue I was able to ingest were fine.  I just wish Burton would’ve added a bit more commentary here and there.  Other than that, I can totally recommend this one.  



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