by spicytoilet on April 30, 2014

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Wes Craig & Lee Loughridge


Deadly Class is an incredibly fun read. But issue 4 raised the bar. Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge got to really showcase some truly amazing art here. Acid is one hell of a drug and they did it right!


Our psycho Marcus, fresh from killing the homeless guy in issue 3, is getting booked. He did something and he struggles to remember. Until he does. And that’s where this issue begins.


Marcus and Willy got reprimanded for failing their mission, since the homeless man was deemed undeserving of death. Marcus was put in solitary for a week but Saya busted him out. He’s needed for a quick hit on a fellow classmates deserving father. So road trip to Vegas it is.


On the way, Saya and Maria have a cocaine fueled moment right before they get to the Grateful Dead concert. The goal was to score some drugs and resell them in school.


So Marcus takes a lot of acid. Acid king he is not, he proved. And everything talks and melts and it’s just awesome to see this. Meanwhile, Fuckface and Chico are behind the rogue students. Sure enough, Chico will have words with Marcus and Fuckface wants his revenge.

Gotta run, digital mountains are coming! But before they do, give this awesome book a read!

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