Chew #46

by Skombie on February 28, 2015

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Rob Guillory
Publisher: Image Comics

The end of issue 45 left most of us Chewinians wondering why John? Why? Poyo was a good egg, always there when you needed him. So why did you kill him? Also how are things going to return back to any form of normalcy? And how is the creative team going to back up after such a devastating issue? Thankfully for those as curiously mad as myself most of these questions were answered in this issue.

The comic covered the team trying to get back to some semblance of their normal lives, while still dealing with the fallout of the vampire assault. Tony, no longer willing to work with John is assigned a new partner in our old friend D-Bear who manages to bring some humour and life into what would otherwise be a very bleak comic.

We’re also introduced to the new Chief of Operations at the FDA, who looks… how to put this?Uh... delicious? He only plays a small part, but will be interesting to see how his dynamic plays out with the rest of the team.
Overall this is a great issue and continues the great form that Chew has been having of late. It treads the not so fine line between the light hearted and comedic, with the absolute soul crushing depression from the previous issue. The art is on point, and the background jokes are as lively as ever.

If you’re still not sold. John reveals his Poyo plan, what more could you want?

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