Crossed Plus 100 #2

by Sean Tonelli on January 26, 2015

Crossed Plus 100 #2

It’s sad to think that we live in a world where Alan Moore writing a post-apocalyptic zombie type story isn’t garnering major headlines. While Moore’s recent eccentricities have overshadowed his recent works, that doesn’t mean his craft has slipped. Always willing to tackle themes outside of the mainstream, Moore fits right at home in publisher Avatar's adult oriented playground. When Moore announced he would be scribing a Crossed story many wondered how this would play out.

For Crossed Plus 100, Moore takes readers 100 years into the Crossed saga, which was originally created by Garth Ennis and Jacen Barreno. The series follows Future Taylor as she leads a salvage team to explore the old ruins of Tennessee. As the rag-tag group make their way along the state, things start to get a little strange. The Crossed appear to have returned and if that doesn’t make things worse, they also have some new tricks up their sleeves. What follows is a tense, multi-layered book.

The first thing readers will notice is the entirely new language Moore has created for the series. While off-putting at first, this technique does ensure you pay attention to every word Moore is laying down. Because of this the world Moore crafts feels authentic and well worn. Society has decayed as has traditional education. Our survivors haven’t had time to sit and study philosophy, though they have had time for some Tolkien. Moore’s tale is also a slow-burn though one that is quite tense. The constant tension and danger that lingers in each panel is enough to drive the reader just as crazed as the Crossed.

The book is also very pleasant on the eyes. When you first crack the pages you can’t help but notice just how rich and detailed this wasteland looks. Nature has taken back America with a vengeance and artist Andrade expertly captures the juxtaposition of nature’s rage and beauty in his work. Despite being a violent book, Andrade also shows restraint in the gore. Hardly any blood is spilled and when it does, the emotional impact packs quite the wallop. It’s great to see a book rely on its laurels rather than cheap thrills.

For fans of the series this book is a must have. For newcomers, like myself, enjoy the treat of reading a comic legend continue to up his game. For everyone else, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Crossed Plus 100: #2 is a terrifying hit.

Crossed Plus 100: #2
Writer: Alan Moore

Art: Gabriel Andrade

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