Witchblade #170

by Sean Tonelli on October 30, 2013

Witchblade #170
It’s been two years since Ron Marz has written a Witchblade story and to say he was missed is an understatement. While Tim Seeley’s run on the title took Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade into vastly different territory, Marz looks to return the series back to its roots. But with this new arc and Sara’s longing for a better life, will this be the last time we see Sara weild the blade?
Witchblade #170 starts with a mystery and ends with a bang. Sara, now serving as a sheriff in a small town, comes across a grisly murder that’s rocks this quiet cimmunity to its core. Sara, still reeling from the loss of her daughter, starts to take the case to heart. Yet with the Witchblade still attached, Sara begins to question whether she wants to be the bearer or not. Juggling two worlds, has never been so life threatening.
Marz’s offers a great jumping on point for new readers and a good read for die-hard fans. While not the most action packed issue, the story sets the arc up nicely and allows fans to settle in with the new creative teams.  Like most of the great Witchblade stories of the past, this issue leans toward the human side of Sara’s journey and not the over-the-top theatricality some expect from this title. Marz knows that the life of the series lies within its heart, something that comes across in his writing. Instead of a ballistic, all-out return, readers are treated to a subtle affair that’s a welcome change of pace for Sara.
Braga adds subtleness to the title that’s fits well with Marz’s heart. While most of the book does look quite excellent, specifically the opening scenes, the supernatural elements tend to feel a little forced, almost unnatural. Hopefully Braga can loosen up a tad as the arc progresses.  
Marz may be easing into his return with Witchblade #170, but make no mistake, the man has something big in store and this issue is just the calm before the storm.
Witchblade #170
Writer: Ron Marz
Penciller: Laura Braga
Colours: Betsy Gonia
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publisher: Top Cow

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