Marvel Comics #1001 Review

by Krownest on October 02, 2019

I'm not entirely sure what to think about Marvel Comics #1001. It's a continuation of the story started in Marvel Comics #1000, which introduced the Eternity Mask. #1000 was a celebration of Marvel's 80th anniversary, and featured a story relevant to each of those 80 years. So early stories focused on Golden-Age heroes like Namor and the original Human Torch, while later stories focused on newer Modern-Age heroes. It wasn't really my up of tea; some of the stories were really good, but it mostly just felt like a slog to get through. 

Unfortunately, #1001 feels the same way... except worse. #1001's premise is that more creators wanted to tell one-page-long stories, which is fine. The problem is that they no longer have a focus. #1000's stories each focused on a year in Marvel history, so it felt like it had purpose. But #1001 doesn't have that, it's just a bunch of one-page stories put together. Even the Eternity Mask story, with the Masked Raider, barely gets development; the Raider has two pages worth of story, and each page is almost exactly the same. And beyond that, it ends the exact same way that #1000 did: with a tease for Michael Korvac's return.

I wanted to enjoy the issue, but I just couldn't. Too much held it back, and it just feels unnecessary. Even the stories feel largely unimportant; #1000's stories were an insight into the minds and motivations of characters, like Spider-Man's relationship with Uncle Ben. But half the stories in #1001 were literal jokes; one is about the Inhuman Royal Family pranking the Watcher, one is about three Hulks disguising themselves to get free cookies, etc. I will say that my favorite joke story was the one with a cameo from Fat Thor (Yes, the same one from Avengers: Endgame). As for the art, it's kind've hard to judge. There are so many different artists, so each story had a different quality and style of art. But for the most part, the art was really good. Overall, while there are some fun stories in Marvel Comics #1001, I really can't recommend reading it.

(Strange Note: She-Hulk and the Thing appear on the cover, but aren't in the issue at all, it's kinda weird. The closest it gets is when Blonde Phantom briefly mentions She-Hulk)

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