Weapon X #2

by Ryan.L on April 26, 2017

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Greg Land
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Old Man Logan and Sabretooth are being hunted, Lady Deathstrike has been captured and there are more on Weapon X's list.

This issue we see Warpath trying to just enjoy the day. He is used to fighting a lot and so not fighting is new to him. Things don't go according to plan and he is attacked. We also see more of Old Man Logan and Sabretooth the battle they were drawn into.

Last issue I felt this book was just ok and now with this issue again there isn't much here to really engage the reader. The plot is nothing exciting and the dialogue is really cheesy at times. This was advertised as being one of the darkest new X-books but so far I'm not really seeing that. There is pretty much just nonstop action without any driving reason for it. Ok they want the mutants we get that but for us to stay engaged we are going to need a little bit more to go on.

Another area where this book fails is in the artwork. The quality is just not there and it looks like it has been rushed. The release schedule may be too much for Land to keep up with and seeing that in issue two does not look good for the series going forward.

Overall this is a very forgettable series and I don't have high expectations it will improve. With little to no character development there is nothing to hold a readers attention. I am going to give this one a few more issues but it's losing me as a reader quickly.


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