X-Men Blue #2

by Ryan.L on April 26, 2017

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jorge Molina
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The last issue of X-Men Blue was a lot of fun.It brought a lot of nostalgia with it, really capturing the essence of the original Stan Lee, Jack Kirby run in the 1960s but with a modern twist to it. I really fanboy'd out when I saw the team go up against Black Tom and Juggernaut. Though as amazing as that first issue was, you didn't really get a good solid sense of what the series would be about. The second issue is usually where that happens and we really get to the heart of the tone and style of the series. The first issue is just the big flashy introduction that is meant to grab as many readers attention as possible.

Thus brings us into the release of issue #2. In this issue we see how the original five (O5) were brought together under the tutelage of Magneto. Not everything is going smooth for the young X-Men. Many of the relationships seemed strained and are going to take some time to mend. Young Bobby tries to juggle his responsibility with the team along side his Relationship with Romeo post Inhumans vs X-Men war. 

We also get to see young Jean struggle with leadership of a group that don't always seem like they want to be a team. Who are also struggling with trusting a man who days before they were time whisked to the present, tried to kill them. So what is he actually up too? Well we get a little peak into Magneto's true intentions.

I found this issue to be a lot heavier in tone than the previous issue. There wasn't nearly as much lighthearted fun as we saw previously. This issue brought us more into the emotional volatility of the O5. They are teenagers and aren't always going to get a long, that they're gonna say the wrong things to each other and cause a lot of friction. You can really see how all the events that have happened since the O5 were brought to the present are really affecting them. 

Cullen Bunn mentioned that he has crafted this story like a puzzle. That there are going to be so many layers that you will need to keep unwrapping to then put all the pieces together. There were so many teases to upcoming stories in this issue, even subtle ones that were only a single panel that really got me intrigued. I found myself asking so many questions and by the end of the issue I had no answers, just more questions but the cliffhanger at the end had me yelling YES!!

The art by Jorge Molina is incredible yet again in this issue. With this issue being a lot more emotionally heavy, Molina was able to maintain the look and tone he set out in the first book but make this one a bit darker and heavier. The tension between the O5 really comes through in the art and helps to really bring us into their world as it is now. The level of detail is amazing even down to the silly facial expressions that Jean has in this issue.

We are now two issues in on X-Men Blue and it really seems like Bunn has found his groove with the X-Men. Many are not fans that that O5 are still around, but Bunn has really delivered a solid series so far that has me excited for more shenanigans from Jean, Scott, Hank, Warren and Bobby. 


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