Daredevil #19

by Ryan.L on April 19, 2017

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Mark Laming
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Daredevil has found out that the purple children have started to disappear and he knows exactly who is responsible. Though as Daredevil confronts Killgrave things don't go exactly as planned and he falls under Killgraves control.

This issue we see Killgrave get into Daredevils head. Takes him into a sort of bar with all the different versions of himself from over the years. Killgrave plays the bartender who is chatting up the oblivious Daredevil, fishing for information. Killgrave no longer wishes to find out peoples desires and make them do those, nah now he wants to know what everyone's worst thing they could ever do. What is the one thing that freaks them out for even thinking about. He probes Daredevil trying to find out the deepest darkest, most horrible thing Daredevil could do, but Killgrave's plan doesn't quite go as planned.

I loved this issue a lot and "Purple" has been one of the best story arcs in Charles Soule's run of Daredevil. I really like Killgrave as an advisary of Daredevil's. He's so creepy and sadistic that it plays off of Daredevil so well. 

I really enjoyed seeing the nod to all the different costumes and iterations of Daredevil from over the years. Also how each of them kind of were at war with the others as they had a different point of view of how things should go or what the worst possible thing Daredevil could do is. This is the first time we really saw Killgrave inside Daredevils head and wow it was exciting to see.

I also have been really enjoying seeing Matt Murdock back at the church talking to a priest. Religion has always been a major part of Daredevil that it's nice to finally see Soule bring those elements into his run.

The art in this issue also was exceptional. I really like the look and style that Mark Laming brought to the book so much that I wish he would stay on as the series regular artist. The way Laming would give Killgrave that smug look on his face like he's so pompous that he doesn't even realize when he's being toyed along. It was so perfect and made for a very enjoyable read.

It's nice to finally see Charles Soule find his groove with Daredevil. It may have taken a year and a half but he's finally delivering some solid stories. This is definitely a series you should pick up.


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