Weapon X #1

by Ryan.L on April 12, 2017

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Greg Land
Publisher: Marvel Comics

With X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue they really took the formulas of 1963 and 1990s x-books and delivered them with a modern twist. The next tittle to come out of ResurreXion is Weapon X. One of the more darker books of the new lineup.

This issue we see Old Man Logan being hunted down by some new machines that even he cannot detect. Someone is out collecting dangerous mutants but who is responsible?

The X-Men have been in survival mode the last many years and this book continues on that thread. Being hunted down by machines is nothing new, but the fact that they have characteristics of certain characters is very intriguing. The only problem with this story is that they are hunting mutants. One character they have captured is not a mutant. She is a cyborg and with that I don't understand their true motivation, especially since the machines really only say "die mutant." Have they changed her? We will have to wait for some future issues to see what they do with Lady Deathstrike, but it does worry me that they may have changed her character just for the sake of the story.

This book has a lot of potential to be another strong book in the ResurreXion lineup. I worry though that it is too reminiscent of the books we had been getting for the past several years which drove fans away from the X-Men franchise. I did really enjoy this book but I was left with more questions about it and the series than I did after reading X-Men Blue & Gold. This one I really need to give it another issue or two before I can say that I'm fully on board with it.

If you are a fan of the darker X-books then this one definitely is for you. The adrenaline is on high and there really is nowhere for mutants to hide. This is a nonstop action ride that is sure to get intense.


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