X-Men Blue #1

by Ryan.L on April 12, 2017

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jorge Molina, Matted Buffagni
Publisher: Marvel Comics

ResurreXion is in full swing and the next new x-title is finally upon us. X-Men Blue brings the time displaced original five X-Men back together under the tutelage of Magneto.

This issue we see the newly reunited original five X-Men head out on their first mission together. Things don't go exactly as planned as they are surprised by an old foe, just this time he is bigger, stronger and a whole lot more angry.

ResurreXion has continued to live up to all the promises that Marvel made. This book really did feel like it had taken us back to the early days of the X-Men. I really got the sense of style and tone reminiscent of when Stan Lee first penned the book back in 1963 but with a new modern twist to it. The dynamics between to original five is so perfect especially with the new factors mixed into it. Jean is now leader and you can see that Scott has a little bit of trouble letting that go. Bobby just like any young millennial, although he isn't one, is so impatient that he complains constantly. Then we have Hank who brings some new surprises that I didn't see coming. I never read the last series All-New X-Men vol.2 so to some these changes with Hank may not be a surprise but for those that haven't read it, they will be.

The nostalgia level was running high with this book and I couldn't be happier with how well it was put together. Even though the idea of the original five was getting tired and even I found myself saying "can''t you just send them back already?" this series has gotten me excited again for more of their adventures. I'm really interested to see how the dynamics will be with Magneto as their teacher. He was the first villain they ever went up against and even being in the present for the last few years, they still don't fully trust him.

There is a surprise story at the end of the issue too which brings in a character that some may recognize but others may not know who he is. It was a great little sneak peak into something more that is coming for this series, and really got me intrigued on how the dynamics not only with the original five but with the X-Men in general when this character comes into the fold.

This was another huge success for the teams behind ResurreXion. The X-Men are definitely back and I am overwhelmingly ecstatic. If you enjoyed X-Men Gold then you should definitely pick this one up. Its more reminiscent of the early days of the X-Men of 1963, where Gold was very reminiscent of the 1990s. I love how they have taken the formula of the comics from those eras and delivered that with a modern twist and fresh new stories.


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