Daredevil #18

by Ryan.L on March 15, 2017

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Ron Garney
Colorist: Matt Milla
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The answers to the question "How did Matt Murdock make the world forget he is Daredevil?" continues to unfold.

This issue Matt continues to talk with a priest in confessional. In his story two of the purple children have shown up at his door seeking help. 

I have to say that it seems that Charles Soule has finally found his groove. This story has been amazing and such a great read. I really enjoy seeing Matt back to the church talking with a priest. this has always been a big part of Daredevil and its great to finally see that happening again. I was worried about this part of the story, him revealing how h got everyone to forget he is Daredevil. But Soule has crafted a really engaging story. I love Killgrave and the purple children and it's such a great idea to bring them back.

We also in this issue get a little history of Killgrave and how his powers work. I love how Ron Garney didn't pull any punches with the brutality of scenes with Killgrave using his powers. The art has such a dark and creepy tone that matches Kilgrave perfectly. Even the mug look on Killgrave's face is just absolutely perfect and just sells the level of pompousness and selfishness he possesses.

This has been such a great story I highly suggest if you haven't been following Daredevil pick up the last issue and this one. We are finally starting to get Daredevil issues to the level of quality we want and deserve. "Purple" is a story arc that shouldn't be missed.


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