Elektra #1

by Ryan.L on February 22, 2017

Writer: Matt Owens
Artist: Juann Cabal
Colorist: Antonio Fabela
Publisher: Marvel Comics
There have been many ups and downs for the assassin Elektra. She has had an on again off again relationship with Daredevil, killed and resurrected by the Hand, and killed and resurrected by the Hand yet again. She has always been somewhat of a loner popping up around the Marvel Universe when she is needed.
This issue we see Elektra popping up in Las Vegas. Some unusual things are going down at a Casino and Elektra is about to get mixed up in the middle of it.
So I have a love hate opinion of this issue. Elektra has always been one of my favorite characters. I love how she has always been this cold as ice but immensely efficient assassin. With the Netflix series we got to see a little bit more humanity developed into the character which now seems to be trickling down into the comic book version of her. While this is not a bad thing and is great for bringing the Netflix fans to the comics, for a long time fan of the character like I have been this change feels a little out of place and will take some adjusting to.
Yes Elektra has always had a knack for having her heartstring tugged when a woman is in trouble, see her series Elektra and Wolverine: The Redeemer, so with this issue it is not surprising when she goes to battle for a woman wrongfully beaten in the casino washroom.
The place where this issue really shined was when Elektra was doing her thing. The action sequences were amazing and so incredibly well laid out. But then there is moment where she is provoking her assailants by rushing in and yelling “Who wants some!?” This seemed very out of character for the Elektra I grew up on. She has always been way more stealth and did not revel in big flashy moments and focused on just being stealthy and efficient. This seemed way more in character for the Netflix version of Elektra, which seems the version we are now getting. So you can see where I have a love hate opinion of this issue.
The artwork is great, I love the look and style that has been developed for this series. I did find at first that the color palate chosen was a little too bright and colorful. But after I got further into the issue I found it did really suit the fact that this is taking place in Vegas so a darker edgy tone wouldn’t have had the same effect.
Overall this is a great first issue and those that have loved Elektra in the Netflix Daredevil series will definitely enjoy this book. Those that are long time Elektra fans can find a lot of what they have come to love from Elektra here as well. Definitely pick this one up.


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