Daredevil #15

by Ryan.L on January 11, 2017

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Goran Sudzuka
Colorist: Matt Milla
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Things have been crazy for Daredevil. A Inhuman with creepy powers was murdering people and turning them into art. It took Daredevil and Blindspot everything they had to find the Inhuman and bring him to justice. Unfortunately Blindspot got caught in the crossfires and the end result was him losing his sight.

This issue we see Daredevil dealing with the fallout with his battle against the Inhuman Muse. Also he puts out a hit on himself but why? We are going to have to just keep reading to find out.

FINALLY! This is Daredevil. I have not been a huge fan of this series up until now. It just never really felt like Daredevil. But this issue changed all that. We got so see Matt return to the church and even the style and tone of the book shift. I'm not a religious person but Matt and his faith was something I really loved about the character. It was great to finally see him go back to the church and I hope that this remains as a main focus for the character in this series going forward.

This book focused on Daredevil and not Blindspot for once. As much as the series has always been a Daredevil series I felt Charles Soule always seemed to put the focus on Blindspot and that always bothered me. Daredevil has always had a level of confidence that seemed to have been missing in previous issues. It's like that confidence was replaced by anger, but now with what happened to Blindspot things are changing for Matt and we are seeing his confidence return.

Goran Sudzuka's art is absolutely amazing in this issue as well. I loved how it had a similar look and style as Chris Samnee who was the artist on the last two Daredevil series. I just wish that Sudzuka was going to remain on the series than just for the two issues we are getting. 

This is the perfect jumping on point for new readers. This book showed me that Charles Soule does know the character and it gives me high hopes that we have many great Daredevil stories to come.


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