Civil War II #8

by Ryan.L on December 28, 2016

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Publisher: Marvel Comics

(Minor Spoilers)

Well it is finally over. Civil War II has been building to a climax bringing Iron Man and Captain Marvel to an all out brawl on the steps of the capitol. Who will survive and come out on top? Well if you have been reading and of the new series that have been coming out over the last couple months you already know the answer to that.

It's sad that this issue felt like a waste of time. Because of Marvel's release schedule and this event being pushed back so much, many of the series that were supposed to come out after it started to come out during the event spoiling the ending. So then reading this final issue and it hinting at what was to come felt like a huge let down because it wasn't a surprise. We already know, so thanks for nothing Marvel.

Bendis has said in an interview because of the delays he was able to re-look at his ending and he'd come up with a better one. This is the better one?! This entire event nothing happened except people not communicating and ending up fighting because they aren't actually listening and communicating with each other. 

The biggest part of this issue that I had problems with is the revelation that Tony had the same views as Carol but he was fighting her because he was afraid of who would come next after her and abuse the power. Seriously all of a sudden they were actually on the same side?! I don't buy it at all. 

This event was nothing but fluff. There was no real pay off in the end and I felt very dissatisfied with it overall. It just builds and builds and builds and then everyone is just like "no stop them, just stop the fighting" but no real solid reason why. But really there was no solid reason why they were frighting in the first place to a point where they are going in for the kill.

I would like to strip Bendis from any ability to write anymore major "universe changing" events ever again. If anything Marvel just needs to do a universe reboot like DC's New 52 and start over. Events like this just feel sloppy and discourages readers from wanting to pick up their books which is the opposite of what the event if supposed to do.

I'm really glad this event is finally over and we can move on with our lives. I hope you have just been following the reviews and not wasting your money on it, because it's been nine issues of nothing but a waste of time and money.


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