Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1

by Ryan.L on October 27, 2016

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Colorist: Various
Publisher: DC Comics

It's crazy to believe that we have had 75 years of this amazing amazon princess already. So many years of story that not only shaped her, but us as well. Wonder Woman has been an important character for not only young girls, young gay males but anyone who looks up to role models that stand up for what they believe in. Who are strong, and also compassionate. With the celebration of Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary DC has released a book with  several short stories, artwork, pencil sketches of classic covers, and an interview by Lois Lane. 

I really enjoyed this anniversary special. All the stories touched on the many years and styles of Wonder Woman comics from over the years. We got to see more of her back in WWII, her connection with nature and being a voice for those that cannot speak for themselves, more modern style stories, and some fun and comedic ones. There is something for every taste in this book.

Each writer and artist, which there are many in this anniversary special, really brought their own unique look and style to the book. This is a beloved character and the collective creative team really showed us how beloved Wonder Woman is.

One of my favorite parts was the interview with Lois Lane. It was present to us how interviews for comics are posted online nowadays. It really gave a unique look into the character and definitely brought this book together. 

Some of the stories in this book really spoke to me too. Especially the one where she stands up for the animals as they cannot speak for themselves. It showed a side of Wonder Woman that I really connect with and something we don't always see a lot of in comics. A shout out to Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl for "Predators" a short but very moving story. I would definitely like to see these two do more Wonder Woman stories in the future.

If you are a fan of Wonder Woman I highly suggest picking this up. It is a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate such an amazing character that has made such an impact on all of us. Happy 75th anniversary Wonder Woman and I wish you many more years of great stories to come!


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